Why Small Business Owners Love Retailer Services?

Business to Business Services

At Retailer Services, we provide business clients with the necessary tools and services that are needed to operate their businesses, from advise on government regulation to assistance on filing documents such as business license, operating permits, signing contracts etc. Let us assist you with your permit or license. We also assist business with audits, staffing, equipment, training and IT services. Our professionals share a common background and vision and are selected based on quality, like-mindedness, and commitment to client service. Outstanding client service has and will continue to be our top priority.Each and every one of the professionals and member firms that are a part of Retailer Services share our core values ensuring the delivery of best-in-class service in a seamless and consistent manner worldwide.

Business Loans and Cash Advances

We tailor small business loans and cash advances to assist small business with the cash flow needed to operate on a  day to day basis.

Business License, Permit and Vendor application

We assist business with applying for permit, such as EBT, operating permits, health permits, liquor license etc.

Business Insurance Services
Business Audit

If you are in need of business liability insurance we can refer you to one of our insurance partners. We can conduct an audit for your business thus saving you thousands of dollars in cost.


Retailers wanting to apply for the USDA's EBT/SNAP benefits program can assisted with the application process. If you have been suspended or lost your privileges to accept EBT we may be able to help you get those privileges back please contact us for assistance.

Business Referral Services


Business owners do not have time to deal with the small thing for their businesses. Leave the little things to us. Let us deal with your IT, cable and telephone installation, let us deal with your inventory controll and suppliers. We have the experience in structuring and making  deal on your behalf, saving you money and time.

Support Consulting 

We provide support to businesses of all sizes, from IT to customer support. Let us do the staffing. 


'' I had no time to apply for SNAP for my gas stations. I hired Retailers Services and they did everything I wanted. I got approved in less that 30 days''

Nadeem Haddad
BP Gas & Food Mart IL.

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   Wanting to accept credit cards in your business? Please read this column before you decide on a credit card company to go with.

Credit card companies and banks can always setup any business to accept credit and debit cards, however beware of predatory credit card companies. Please do your research. There are companies like STRIP , SQUARE, PAY PAL etc. Your best bet is to stay far away from these three companies.  Stripe, will lower you in with ease of acceptance, without asking you for much information on yourself or your business, however when you start to make money they will flag your account and will start asking you for documentation about yourself and your business. They will actually block you from accepting credits and debit cards if you cannot produce certain documentation and seize your money until you produce documentation. This company is very bad for small businesses. Stripe charges 3.70% plus 30 cents on a transaction that is almost $ 4.00 out of every $100.00 you make. This is what you call highway robbery in the credit card industry, Square, now Block duplicate the same practices as Stripe. This (Square) company comes out with flashy credit card processing machines. Do not let them fool you. PayPal, an EBY company is not a real credit card company it is what you call a wire service. PayPal will stop you from processing credit card on their platform but will eventually let you continue once you produce some documents about yourself and your business. Paypal, have phone numbers to contact them at anytime, unlike Stripe.  All of this could be avoided if these companies would only vet you and your business up front before leading you on and then taking your money over something silly. If you are an accountant or a person who take payments online and you have three or more credit cards decline in one hour, Stripe will literally block you from doing business.

These companies are considered predatory. A real credit card company or bank will have you fill out and sign an application before you are able to accept credit or debit cards. There are companies like Englobe WorldPay, First Data now Fiserv, Global Payments, Capitol Bankcard etc. These companies will vet you before you can start accepting credit or debit cards from customers, which is normal. With these companies you are in good hands and your business would not be interrupted because of transaction amounts or declines. If there's an issue with a card transaction decline / approval which may prompt an internal security alert these companies would give you a phone call or send you an email. Unlike Stripe or Square who doesn't have a published phone numbers to speak with any one if you have a problem. Englobe WorldPay ( Tel. 800-642-9632 First Data ( Tel. 1800-228-0210 These tcompanies offer the latest in POS and credit card equipment also wireless systems. The fees charges by these companies are normally between 1.50% + 10 cents per transaction.