In many states EBT /SNAP cards are the primary source for government issued benefits such as food stamps. In fact, more than 80 percent of food stamp benefits that are issued today are issued on EBT /SNAP cards. Many experts predict that other benefits such as social security will also be issued on an EBT card in the future, which will require more merchants to accept the government issued card. Retailer Services,through our partnership with ebtapplication.com can assist retailers with the application process. Some retailers has no time to fool with applications, contracts etc. Retailer Services, can fill the void by providing retailers with assistance to start the application process on the retailer's behalf. With hundreds of retailers applying daily for EBT and SNAP services, Retailers Services, is a prime third party services provider. We do our best to get our clients approved. We submit an application on their behalf to the USDA, all our clients has to do is wait for their inspection. Remember, Retailer Services, is just the services provider not the processor of the application. The USDA is solely responsible for the approval or denial of all SNAP applications.

EBT Cash benefits are process through Retailer Services processing contractor.  Englobe Worldpay, EBT cash benefits are approved with 24 hours.