Building an information technology (IT) infrastructure can be incredibly complex and expensive for new and growing businesses. Limited resources, expertise, and time often constrains how much small to midsize businesses (SMBs) are able to accomplish. Thankfully, software companies have taken this into account by building tools that are either specifically designed for SMBs or can be configured to support more modest needs. To help you make better decisions about what to buy, we partnered with the best cloud services for SMBs, covering topics from project management (PM) and accounting to   customer relationship management (CRM) and data backup. Keep in mind that the tools needed to protect your business are vigorously researched by Retailer Services, a digital threat landscape where businesses are constantly playing catch-up with new attack vectors and vulnerabilities, the best defense they have is the same thing that makes them such an appealing target for hackers: a mountain of data. Sure, you've got endpoint protection and encryption software. And you've got your IT and security departments overseeing infrastructure and network monitoring platforms in order to run incident response on any malicious activity or intrusions. But, beyond these reactive measures, other enterprises and security vendors are employing artificial intelligence (AI) to take a proactive approach.

By using machine learning (ML) algorithms and other AI techniques to identify data patterns, vulnerable user behaviors, and predictive security trends, companies are mining and analyzing the wealth of data at their disposal to hopefully stop the next breach from happening.

Business today need to consult with the best in the industry. Retailers Services is up to the challenges that are posed through  technology to protect our clients.