Industries we serve

Retail Businesses

Our retail business clients are some of the most outstanding clients in our portfolio. We tailor programs for our client so that their business can be operated more cost effectively


Our restaurant clients uses or services to screen new hires, obtain small loans, purchase new equipment and uses our social media network to promote their business.


C-store operators can focus more on running their business much easier when working with Retailer Services. We give them easy access to cash advances to purchase more inventory pay off unpaid taxes etc.

Municipal Governments

City governments wanting to add payment services to transportation lines uses our expertise to assist them in do so more easily. From accepting EBT on the bus to taking credit cards online.


Having easy access to cash is a music to manufactures ears. They need to order raw materials, purchase equipment,conduct audits etc. Retailer Services, makes it easier for manufactures to run their business without worrying about down time.